Oldman Pass Recreation Area

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Resources: SCSO, EMS: SCEMS, Primary SAR: Wind River SAR, Alternate SAR: VRT

Access: Oldman Pass (R7E, T6N, Sec 23) is accessed by the Wind River Hwy (30 Rd.).

Oldman Pass Recreation Area Map

Area Road Map (pdf)

Description: The trails in this area are designated for cross country skiing and snow shoeing in the winter (December 1-April 1) and equestrians, hikers, and mountain bicyclists in the summer (May 1-November 1). These trails are discernible by blue diamond-shaped markers placed approximately 8 feet above ground on tree trunks and directional arrows. The trails in this area have no distinct trail tread, since they are maintained for winter use. Mountain bicyclists, equestrians and hikers need to be aware that huckleberries and low cut tree trunks are possible hazards which could be encountered.

A number of cross-country ski trails are located in this area. These trails provide good mountain biking opportunities in the summer. The following trails are open to mountain biking: Trails #150, #151, #154, #157, and #159.

The trails are wide cross country ski corridors. They are not maintained as hiking trails, but do provide good mountain biking opportunities. The trails take you over moderate hills. Much of the area is forested, with occasional views of the surrounding Cascades. Several loop opportunities are available ranging in length from 1 to 13 miles. Some easy riding over gravel roads allows you to complete several of the loops.

Generally the Winter Recreation Area is unofficially split up with the cross country skiers in the Oldman Pass area, snowshoers in the McClellan Meadows area, and snowmobilers out of Lone Butte. There is also a sledding hill across from Oldman Pass.