Siouxon Roadless Area

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Resources: SCSO, EMS: SCEMS, Primary SAR: Wind River SAR (south), Alternate SAR: VRT (north)

Access: The 57 Rd. east off the 54 Rd. (R5E, T5N, Sec 7) to the 58 Rd. (R6E, T5N, Sec 10) - with the 5701, 320, 317 and 317 spurs - defines the southern boundary, while the 58 and 64 Rd. define the east, northeast sides.

Note: The 57 road is not well maintained, and is getting overgrown, there is also recent rock fall which may block some larger vehicles.

Description: Siouxon is a large roadless area located in the southeastern corner of Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. The area is characterized by steep, forested slopes with rock outcrops near the ridge tops. Siouxon Creek runs through the center, with numerous waterfalls cascading through the area.

Siouxon Roadless Area is used primarily by the more experienced hikers, and has seen few recent SAR missions.

The exception to this is the extreme northern area, on the south side of Swift Reservoir. Here easy road access causes a higher level of activity.

Siouxon Roadless Area Map

Area Road Map (pdf)