Takhlakh Lake

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Resources: SCSO, EMS: SCEMS, Primary SAR: Wind River SAR, Alternate SAR: VRT

Access (Trout Lake): From the gas station Y at the south end of Trout Lake, take the east fork. At 1.1 miles, take the first left, Highway 23 toward Randle. Follow this paved two-lane for 19 miles, to junction with 90 Rd. Take the right fork to stay on 23 Rd. After 4.2 miles from the 90 Rd. junction, take 2329 Rd. to the right. Follow signs toward Takhlakh Lake. After 1.5 miles, turn right into the Takhlakh Lake Campground (R10E, T9N, Sec 8).

Takhlakh Lake Map

Area Road Map (pdf)