Trapper Creek Wilderness Area

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Resources: SCSO, EMS: SCEMS, Primary SAR: Wind River SAR

Notes: This 6,050-acre wilderness contain young Douglas-fir forests at the lower elevations (interspersed with some old-growth) and second-growth forests at the higher elevations. Cascading streams and waterfalls are plentiful throughout the steep slopes.

Observation Peak and Soda Peaks were major huckleberry-gathering areas around the turn of the century.

Members of the Mazamas Club maintain the more primitive trails within Trapper Creek Wilderness. These primitive trails are typically narrow, steep, and challenging to follow. Trails that are built to these primitive standards have "primitive" by their name.

Trapper Creek Wilderness Area Map

Area Road Map (pdf)

SAR: Extraction on most trails may be facilitated by conventional trail stokes evacuation. Primitive trails will present challenges to a stokes team, with considerable blow down, and rough terrain.

The Trapper Creek Ravine is very steep and rough. Air evacuation by hoist capable helicopter has been used successfully in the past.

Note: Past missions have demonstrated that most disoriented/lost subjects have headed downhill into the Trapper Creek Ravine heading southeast. When possible, suggest hasty team coverage up from the bottom.

Trails (clockwise from the south)

Observation Peak Trail #132

Trailhead: Observation Peak - Trailhead is on FR 58 at northern end of Observation trail No. 132.

Length: 7.2 miles (11.6 km)

Elevation: Trailhead 1200 feet to trail's end 3600 feet above sea level

Access: South - Trapper Creek Trail #192 (R7E, T5N, Sec 31) or North - Road 58 (R6E, T5N, Sec 3).

Description: To access Observation Trail #132 from the south, follow Trail #192 for 1 mile to the junction with Trail #132 (R6E, T5N, Sec 25). From there, Observation Trail climbs steadily along Howe Ridge through a second-growth Douglas fir forest, gaining 2,600 feet in 5 miles as it nears Observation Peak summit. During this 5 mile section, the trail passes the junctions of Trail #195 (at 3 miles) and Trail #198 (at 4 miles).

The trail leaves the wilderness and then passes Trails #132A (to Observation Peak, R6E, T5N, Sec 14) and #192 (at 6 miles) and Trail #158 shortly thereafter. Observation Trail ends on Road 58.

Trail #133

Access: The 133 Trail may be accessed from the 54 Rd. (R6E, T5N, Sec 28).

Trail #132

Access: The 132 Trail may be accessed from the 58 Rd.